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PURPOSE - This course was  developed to introduce faculty and staff to the institutional learning management system, CANVAS. Upon completion of this course, faculty and staff should be able to navigate the system, utilize it's major tools and features and be sufficiently prepared for either an INSTRUCTOR (faculty) or Teaching Assistant/TA (staff) role in Canvas. Both roles have the almost the same permissions that enables the users to design, build and teach in Canvas.


Canvas Browser Check  - We suggest you use Google Chrome or Firefox but browsers change requirements often- hence click on Canvas Browser Check.  


OVERVIEW - This course contains 10 required modules related to the course objectives. Each includes videos, (plus scripts to the videos to comply with ADA requirements), checklists, and perhaps a small self-test or activity. It should take about 1-2 hrs. to review all 10 modules. The course also contains optional modules on expanded Canvas tools (Discussions, Attendance, Audio or Video Conference Tool, or the Desktop Video tool, Course Close Out).  

There is no time limit to complete the course but you cannot be enrolled as an Instructor/Teacher or Teaching Assistant (TA) till you have passed the Canvas Proficiency Quiz in the Knowledge Center. This course will provide the knowledge to successfully pass the quiz.

After completing the course:

1. Go to the UT Health Learns and complete the Canvas Proficiency Quiz. This documents that you have complied with the requirements.

2. Notify your Departmental PeopleSoft administrator that you are ready to be enrolled in any Canvas course as an Instructor or Teaching Assistant. 


Detailed Instructions to access Knowledge Center for INSTRUCTOR or TEACHING ASSISTANT (TA) Canvas Proficiency Quiz - If a you are a faculty or staff member requesting an INSTRUCTOR or TA role in any CANVAS course, you must review this course and then successfully pass a 20 question proficiency quiz offered on the UT Health Science Center's employee training site called UT Health Learns.  To access the quiz:


From the My UT Health page https://uthealthsa.sharepoint.com/Pages/Home.aspx 
click on Business Applications  Picture1.png
Scroll Down to UT Health Learns Picture2.png
Enter your Domain Username and Domain Password, then Click LOGIN Picture3.png

Click on UT Health Learns


Click on Search in the Bottom Left Corner


Enter CANVAS in the Search box in the upper LEFT


Press Enter on your keyboard




Click on the IMS Canvas: AU Proficiency Quiz for Teacher and TA Rolesā€¦ tile


After you see your passing score displayed,


Click on SAVE & Close to get credit for completion

If you don't pass the Quiz, please retake it until you pass it.



ENROLLMENT of INSTRUCTOR/TA/TA2* ROLES in Canvas ā€“ Within 24 hours of completing the Canvas Proficiency Quiz, the UT Health Learns system will notify the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions System that you have completed the quiz and have permission for an Instructor or a TA role.

*TA2 has all the functions of a TA, but cannot access the gradebook.

You must request that your departmental PeopleSoft administrator go into the PeopleSoft system and enroll you as an INSTRUCTOR or a TA or TA2  in your CANVAS course(s). See User Enrollments & Updates for further information.  



  1. Review the course objectives.
  2. From the left navigation menu click and review the MODULES in sequence. 
  3. After each MODULE video, take the quiz to reinforce what you have learned. Note there is a script available for each video. 
  4. Leave CANVAS, access UT Health Learns (see instructions above) to locate and launch the CANVAS Proficiency Quiz.  


ACCESS to your Canvas COURSESCurrent courses will appear as tiles in the dashboard.  To access all courses, go to the left dark grey navigation bar, click on Courses. At the bottom of the list of current courses 'All Courses' will open a list of past, current and future courses.  



Enrollment questions in official courses - contact your Departmental PeopleSoft Administrator or call 567-7777, Option 4.

For CANVAS HELP, go to the left dark grey menu, select the last item, the Help ?- it is located on each page in CANVAS

  • CANVAS GUIDES -These guides are quite helpful.
  • Course information when working with Canvas Support
  • CALL the Canvas Support Hotline:
       Students: 844-470-5729
       Faculty: 833-668-1674.  
     The line is answered 24/7/365 by a member of the Canvas support staff.
  • CHAT with a Canvas support staff member - you will receive a transcript of your conversation at the end of the session.  

ASSISTANCE with Course Design from the Education Development Specialists (EDS): 



Scroll down to review the short (less than 5 minutes each) video tutorials from this page. 

Instructors (*** indicates minimum required training to view)

 Additional  Resources: